30,000 masks used per week

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The Chic-Chocs School Services Center is looking for solutions to recover approximately 30,000 masks that are used per week in its schools to counter COVID-19.

The director, Deslilas Fournier, explains that the service center obtains around 60,000 masks from the Ministry of Education every two weeks. Thus, each day, secondary school children receive 2 masks upon their arrival at school according to the standards established by Quebec.

Deslilas Fournier admits that the service center is looking for a solution at the moment to prevent the masks from ending up in the trash or elsewhere. It is also an environmental concern for many students due to the amount of masks that are thrown away after use:

Regarding the wearing of masks by schoolchildren, the director of the CSS des Chic-Chocs, Deslilas Fournier, specifies that the directives are well followed by them:

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