Acts of vandalism at Mount Pesaq in Pointe-Navarre

Snowmobilers caused significant damage in 2 trails on Mont Pesaq in Pointe-Navarre.

These acts of vandalism, which occurred last Sunday at the end of the day, are attributable to snowmobilers who climbed in the mountain creating holes of a depth of 3 meters and more in some places.

The president of the Gaspé mountain ski development committee, Bobby Cotton, describes the consequences of these disrespectful acts on the skiers and the dedicated volunteers who maintain the facilities:

The little precipitation received since the start of winter requires users to exercise caution.

Bobby Cotton adds that the skiers have been advised that part of the 2 damaged slopes are not practicable for the moment.

Bobby Cotton only seeks to make people who have taken these actions understand that it is possible for them to find other places to satisfy their pleasures in the practice of their sport.

These events occurred despite all the notice boards that indicate that this area is only for off-piste skiing enthusiasts.

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