Against the cancellation of the spring break

An empty classroom. Photo: Wikimedia Commons (copyright free photo)

The president of the Union of Education Workers of Eastern Quebec opposes the cancellation of the spring break.

In recent days, voices have been rising to demand the cancellation of the spring break. According to Anne Bernier, the president of the union, this would be a very bad idea.

She explains that with the pandemic, staff are at the end of their rope. She adds that the school calendar starts 5 days earlier than in the past in order to allow for a spring break while respecting the school calendar.

And the holding of spring break will not have a great educational impact, according to the president:

Many take advantage of this week to travel. Without giving an official slogan, the union strongly suggests that staff avoid travel abroad and non-essential travel between regions:

The first spring break took place in 1979 and it was in the 1980s that this spring break became widespread throughout Quebec.

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