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Alberta couple given tickets for walking on CN land while blockaders get free pass

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An Alberta couple’s Facebook post highlighting law enforcement’s hypocrisy with enforcing the rule of law is gaining traction.

The post, published just before midnight, explains that in September 2019, her and her husband hopped a CN railway fence in Calgary to sit by a river bend. The couple says they “didn’t litter, didn’t light fires,” and that they simply skipped rocks on the water and walked with nature.

The couple claims that they were fined $280 each for their escapade.

“So lighting fires and blocking trains in protest is ok [sic] But being Alberta citizens that pay 45 percent in our wage to taxes, and crossing a track (that by the way used to be open to the public) [sic] is subject to a ridiculous fine?”

The post continued, explaining that the publisher has no problem with people protesting—but rather, that she was opposed to the destruction of property or rights that has so clearly been happening.

“The truck drivers and train engineers and all associated do not deserve to be stopped from doing their jobs. Those men and women work hard to support their families. Take your issues up with those that have power, not our working class that pays more than most!”

Meanwhile, anti-pipeline protestors across the country have gotten a mostly free pass from police, with few arrests compared to the amount of blockades in place. Some protestors even attempted to light a train on fire in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, which temporarily stopped freight train traffic.

Police spokesman Bill Dickson told The Canadian Press the protestors lit a fire by and on the railway tracks as a train moved through the area around Belleville, Wednesday morning.

Dickson said the individuals threw a few tires on the tracks and lit them.

Video shows they also threw wooden pallets to fuel the fire.

Some video shows anti-pipeline protestors standing on the tracks, playing a deadly game of chicken with a train speeding towards them. They only moved out of the way in the last minute after their attempt to stop the train failed.

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