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Albertan firefighters challenge the vaccine passports and put the government in the hot seat

A group of Alberta firefighters are taking a stand and pushing back against vaccine passports.

Their grounds for opposition are diverse, but they include medical, religious and ethical reasons. They’re suing the government to demand reasonable accommodations and safer practices, both for themselves and the people they interact with in rescue situations.

When we heard about firefighters facing this type of government overreach, we knew we had to get involved, and we know that thanks to you at home we have the resources to get them top-notch legal counsel. Their fight could very well set the precedent for other firefighters across Canada who are stuck in the same tough situation.

Alberta’s favorite reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid, joined Tim Moen, an Alberta firefighter challenging the vaccine passports, to hear his story. Meanwhile, I spoke with Derek From, the lawyer handling the lawsuit.

The 20 strategic lawsuits that we are launching via our initiative are the line in the sand that we must draw together to defend not only our freedoms, but the very soul of our nation. The medical privacies and personal freedoms that vaccine passports violate are keystones of democracy.

Please consider going to, signing our petition, and giving what you can so that we can continue to provide the very best legal counsel for these firefighters, who are a once again rushing to our aid, this time in defence of our freedoms in a court of law.

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