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Andrew Cuomo’s Fashion Faux Pas

In this clip from a recent livestream, Ezra Levant talked about New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s strange fashion sense.

“When you’re a banker or a lawyer, you really have to wear a blue or a grey suit. You can’t wear a tan suit or a green suit. You can’t wear a zoot suit. You’ve got to wear the corporate uniform. It’s basically blue — very dark blue, or grey — very dark grey. And [if] you get outside that, people say: who’s the weirdo?

“…that’s the thing about men, you have to dress forgettable. And you wear either a white shirt, or light blue, or once in a while maybe a light pink shirt.

“…you’re allowed to express yourself through your tie, but even that has to be sort of normal. So where does a fella express himself?”

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