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Are Vaxx Passports Coming To England Next?

This past weekend, protesters in the United Kingdom gathered in London’s Hyde Park for a march against COVID mandates, and to show solidarity with other countries such as Australia, Canada, Austria and the United States against tyranny.

The main question of this report was: do you think vaccine passports are will be implemented this year or next in England?

England is the last nation within the United Kingdom to introduce the vaccine passport scheme, and data from the rest of the country doesn’t exactly prove passports have been effective.

The government are currently dangling the carrot of freedom over the double vaccinated where they are told you are to get your booster shot to keep your freedoms and to save Christmas.

Another question is Gibraltar.

The small British Overseas Territory is the most vaccinated place on earth, with nearly the entire country being double vaccinated and an additional 40 per cent of the population on their booster shot.

Despite those statistics, cases continue to rise, mask mandates and social distancing are still in place, and Christmas has just been cancelled.

This report explores these two subjects.


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