Beach report: Difficult time for Daniel Côté

The mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté. Photo: Screenshot / YouTube Ville de Gaspé.

Daniel Côté affirms that the saga of the beaches of Gaspé last summer was a difficult moment in his elected career and that he even questioned his political commitment.

The mayor made this comment as part of the campaign launched Monday by the Union of Quebec municipalities to denounce and counter the intimidation to which elected officials are victims.

Daniel Côte specifies that during his 7 years as mayor, it is the issue of wild camping on public beaches in Douglastown and Haldimand that provoked the most disrespectful comments towards him:

The mayor says this episode was difficult for him, to such an extent that he questioned his political commitment:

According to the mayor of Gaspé, the objective of the UMQ campaign is to calm people down and invite people to debate on different points of view, but always with respect.

The organization wants to take the opportunity to attract people to get involved in politics for the next municipal elections next fall:

Daniel Côté has not yet revealed whether he will stand for re-election next fall. He plans to announce his colors in May.

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