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Gaspé Energies’ legal challenge begins today.

The company has filed a challenge with the Court of Quebec to quash the decision of the Minister of Natural Resources, Jonatan Julien, who in October refused a request to drill at the Galt 6 well near Gaspé. The ministry estimates that this drilling would present risks for the water environments which is disputed by the company.

Marc Bishai is a lawyer for the Quebec Center for Environmental Law and considers that this challenge represents a danger for the protection of drinking water. His group has been granted permission to be heard in court and towards the end of the week he will have the opportunity to intervene.

According to lawyer Marc Bishai, if the company wins its case, this would weaken the regulations on exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the land environment, in particular on the minimum distance of 1000 meters between a borehole and watercourse.

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