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“Border measures are in place to protect Canadians”: Health minister reacts to quarantine hotel sexual assault allegations

Just don’t travel, and you won’t get sexually assaulted. That’s the message the Trudeau government is sending to travelers into Canada following reports that a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted while housed at a federally run COVID-19 quarantine facility. 

As Rebel News reported, multiple allegations of sexual assault have surfaced within Justin Trudeau’s travel quarantine system, one of which was allegedly at the hands of a hired security officer performing isolation-at-home checkups, and another within a so-called “COVID hotel.” 

Speaking to Canadian Minister of Health Patty Hajdu, MP Michelle Rempel Garner inquired about Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s remarks that “people shouldn’t travel” when pushed on reports of sexual assault at a federal quarantine facility, asking if this meant the victim deserved it.

“On entry into Canada, her passport was seized and she was forced into a taxi without knowing where she would be taken,” said Rempel Garner. “She was forced into a federal run facility under a federal duty of care by the liberal government. And she was sexually assaulted. This is misogyny and a gross violation of her rights.”

“The Deputy Prime Minister and the Health Minister have implied the victim shouldn’t have traveled,” Rempel Garner continued. “Were they suggesting that she deserved what happened to her under their duty of care?”

“Mr. Speaker, every woman deserves to live a life free of violence and and a life of dignity,” replied Hajdu. 

“But I will repeat, these border measures are in place to protect Canadians and they will remain in place until such time that science and evidence indicates that it is safe to release them,” said Hajdu. “The member opposite knows that this matter is under investigation…”

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