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BREAKING: Jailed B.C. father offered plea bargain after speaking out against trans teen’s medical transition

I was just on my way out the door to give you an update on how the B.C. father (C.D.), who was sent to jail after allegedly breaching publication bans on the case of his trans child, has been doing behind bars, when I received an important update on how C.D. may be sentenced come his trial on April 13.

According to C.D’s counsel, Carey Linde, “C.D. and the agent for David Eby, Atty. Gen. for the province of British Columbia, have reached a plea agreement.” If the presiding justice agrees to the terms of the agreement, C.D. may be released on the first day of his trial.

Watch the video above and you’ll see the full details.

That doesn’t mean our challenge to fight the publication bans that put this father behind bars has ended.

Please continue to support our legal fees for this challenge at Without such a fight, I believe that publication bans like this will continue to interfere with concerned parents’ and journalists’ ability to effectively inform you on the whole story involving the medical transitioning of Canadian children.

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