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BREAKING: Toronto police ARREST lockdown protesters

Early in Spring of 2020, protesters began showing up on the lawns of Ontario’s legislature, Queen’s Park, to protest the lockdown measures enacted by Premier Doug Ford to combat the developing COVID-19 pandemic.

Since those early days of demonstration, the Toronto Police Service has largely been lenient with their enforcement on the protesters as a whole, though a number of individuals, like prominent speakers at the rallies Chris Sky or Aylmer, Ontario Church of God pastor Henry Hildebrandt have received tickets for their involvement.

With Premier Ford’s declaration of a second state of emergency in the province on January 7, speculation surrounded what would occur when the protesters gathered — as they have each Saturday since that first demonstration last Spring — this weekend.

Toronto police issued a warning to attendees early on Saturday morning through a statement, declaring that the COVID-19 pandemic was “not just a public health issue; it is a public safety issue,” adding that “participating in large gatherings, including protests, is not just in contravention of these orders but also puts attendees and the broader community at risk,” before declaring that when these events occurred, police would be present and ready to enforce these orders.

As had been the case on so many prior occasions, Rebel News’ David Menzies and cameramen were downtown at Yonge-Dundas Square this afternoon to cover what happened.

Police formed a perimeter around the square itself, and made an announcement over a loudspeaker to the crowd that by the power granted through emergency orders, the gathering was prohibited, and urged the crowd to disperse immediately as a protester cited Section 2 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms in response to the officer.

One man was dragged away and detained by a number of officers, loudly questioning why he was being detained as the group of police worked to cuff him while a crowd formed. “This is disgusting,” one protester shouted.

An officer even grabbed a Rebel cameraman, and threatened him with arrest.

Hugs Over Mask protest organizer Kellyanne Wolfe was arrested while speaking to the crowd, telling the officers that, in her opinion, detaining her would be assault. Unsurprisingly, this did not deter the officers from moving on her.

Updates to follow…

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