Camrose Police Service Report to February 19, 2021 – Canada Police Report

Camrose, Alberta – February 19, 2021 – A male reported that the catalytic converter had been stolen from his motorhome while parked at 38 avenue in the 5800 block.

A resident reported a suspicious vehicle parked on the street playing loud music with several occupants. Police attended and while dealing with the individuals a can of bear spray was observed in the inside door pocket as well as open liquor inside the vehicle. A male was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon along with being issued a ticket for having liquor within easy access of occupant. A passenger was also charged with a liquor violation.

While conducting patrols in an unmarked vehicle, Police observed a vehicle being driven erratically. The driver then unknowing was baiting the unmarked Police vehicle to a race while starting and stopping and yelling challenges at Police. The vehicle then sped off at approximately 100 km/hr on Grand Drive. No attempt was made to pursue the vehicle but the registered owner was contacted. Sometime later a parent attended Police headquarters with her son who was then charged with racing, careless driving, speeding and window tint.

February 18, 2021

Police are investigating a theft from a church after a male entered the unlocked building and left with a bag full of items. Video surveillance was utilized and a suspect has been identified.

Police attended to a residence on Mount Pleasant Drive after receiving a complaint of a disturbance from one the suites. The intoxicated couple had clearly been involved in some type of altercation but neither was cooperative with Police. Arrangements were made for the male to stay with family.

February 17, 2021

A male reported that his truck while parked on Grand Drive had been struck by another vehicle sometime during the night. Police attended the scene and were able to match collision evidence to a vehicle that had been located abandoned from the previous evening. The owner of the abandoned vehicle attended Police headquarters and was charged with failing to remain at the scene of a collision as well as operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

A female requested Police assistance with her boyfriend who was refusing to leave her residence. The male who had warrants for his arrest had left prior to Police arrival. Police located the male at a convenience store where he was arrested on his warrants and additionally charged with breaching his no-contact condition. The male was later released on an undertaking.

Police received multiple 911 calls of a house on fire in the North Side trailer park. Police were able to evacuate surrounding homes as the fire spread to a second residence. Those who could not return to their homes were able to stay with other family or set up with a hotel for the night. The Camrose Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

Police received a 911 call from an intoxicated female who was yelling at a male while on the phone. Police attended and located an intoxicated male outside the home with injuries to his face and arms. The female refused to answer her door and did not want Police involvement. The male who was unable to provide an address of where he lived was arrested to prevent further breach of the peace and lodged in cells. In the morning he continued to refuse to divulge the cause of his injuries and he was released without charges.

February 16, 2021

Police attended to a residence after receiving information that a male was throwing items and had caused damage to a vehicle. The male was initially arrested for mischief but after speaking with the vehicle owner it was determined that he did not wish a charge laid. The male who had caused the damage remained very angry and was held in custody to prevent further breach of the peace and later released without charges.

A citizen contacted Police advising that there was a vehicle blocking the alley. Police attended and the vehicle which didn’t have a license plate had its airbags deployed and its’ muffler dragging on the ground. The vehicle was towed and Police are attempting to contact the registered owner.

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