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CBC reports on Rebel News Fight The Fines case (and it’s positive!)

Rebel News fans, you’re never going to believe it. The state broadcaster in Canada, the one that we’ve called for the defunding of, that we’ve criticized for being friendly toward unfriendly people, actually kind of, sort of, gave positive coverage of one of our projects.

Rebel viewers are no doubt familiar with our Fight The Fines campaign — you know the one, where we help Canadians, Aussies and Brits who have been charged under draconian COVID-19 laws fight those tickets by crowdfunding to hire a lawyer on their behalf.

Well, CBC News recently ran a story about one of those cases, that of The Monkey Arm Pub, located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. They didn’t call us “far-right” and even linked back to our page, too.

The story was so shocking to Rebel boss Ezra Levant, that just had to share it on a recent DAILY Livestream, saying that it was like his own double-rainbow experience. 

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