Celebrities say, “NO VACCINE FOR ME,” and siblings talk Cryptocurrency – Simone Jennifer Smith LIVE 03/05/21

“No evidence exists to suggest that “any of the vaccines” will be able “to prevent people from actually getting the infection [COVID] and therefore being able to pass it on.” Dr. Soumya Swaminathan (The World Health Organization’s chief scientist)

It’s another Friday, and of course, there is a lot going on at Simone Jennifer Smith LIVE!

This week we look at the confusing messages coming from our world health professionals. You are going to have to see how a message about vaccine safety has change in about three months.

Celebrities are speaking out against taking the vaccine, and today I will highlight a few of them


I have a special treat for everyone. A lot of people may not know that I have a twin brother (not really), whose name happens to be Simon. Lately he has been speaking to me about crypto currency, and since the industry is still young, people have a lot of question about this financial sector. Some people are afraid to ask questions, thinking they are going to ask stupid things, so TODAY, I will ask all the questions for you. What is it about this booming industry that is enticing people to go crypto?

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