Coalition for the Return of Youth Sport

Photo: The Quebec Student Sports Network

The Coalition for the Promotion of Sport in Quebec calls on the government to resume team sports for young people as soon as possible.

This peaceful citizen movement, founded by Guylain Dupuis from Gaspé, has received a good deal of support since its creation less than 10 days ago.

After taking a position in a letter addressed to 1is Minister, the initiator of this coalition quickly noticed the support of people from all over Quebec via his Facebook page.

Guylain Dupuis is struggling to understand the reasons for the cessation of activities for young people at present. Without calling into question all government decisions, he would still like to have explanations that justify this decision. According to him, it is becoming more and more difficult for parents to explain this situation to young people who are still waiting.

Guylain Dupuis affirms that the support for the revival of amateur sport comes from different circles and that it is high time to give the green light for the resumption of activities:

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