Crab fishermen satisfied with DFO’s approach

Crab fishermen. Photo: Archives.

The representative of the Gaspé crabbers welcomes the changes made to the whale protection measures.

Last week, DFO announced the measures in place for the year 2021. Most of the 2020 measures are still in place, but the government has announced some compromises for fishermen.

Instead of closing an area of ​​the Gulf to fishing for the entire season as soon as a right whale is observed, the closure will instead be for 15 days. Then if a new observation occurs between the 9th and on the 15th day the closure will then become permanent.

Fishermen’s representative Daniel Desbois believes that this delay will prevent permanent closures.

For more details on this news, listen to our news bulletins this Thursday on Radio Gaspésie at 11:30 am-4:30pm or 5:30 pm.

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