Daycare centers: united to challenge the Minister of Families

Socio-economic players in the Côte-de-Gaspé are calling on the Minister of Families, on the eve of a call for projects which is expected this fall on the consequences of the lack of daycare space in the region.

Currently, approximately 120 children are still on the waiting list for a child care space in the Grand Gaspé. The consequences of this lack of space are numerous. On the side of new arrivals in the region, for example, this constitutes a major brake, leading by ricochet to a slowdown in economic development. For Steve Fournier, general manager of the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi de la Côte-de-Gaspé, daycare centers are a tool for attracting and retaining the workforce:

On the side of the MP for Gaspé, Méganne Perry Mélançon, she calls on the Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, to include Gaspé in his call for projects and to pay particular attention to the requests of his riding:

This problem of lack of places is also present in the MRC of Rocher-Percé, where there too, 120 children are on the waiting list, double the number of last year.

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