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Edmonton police attack peaceful protesters, then turn against journalists

Following Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s calls for law enforcement to break up and stop the anti-lockdown protesters gathering outside the legislature, the Edmonton Police Service attacked and arrested David Pawlowski outside the provincial legislature.

The arrest took just over five minutes to conduct on Saturday, as a dozen officers fought against the crowd to drag Pawlowski to a nearby black prison bus. During the arrest, police threw other protesters to the ground, and pushed and grabbed me, the Rebel News journalist covering the march.

After the arrest, tensions remained high as a police line kept Rachel Notley’s Antifa antagonists and the anti-lockdown protesters separated. The size of the protest varied over the course of the afternoon, however, anti-lockdown protesters continually outnumbered Antifa by about six to one.

It was not immediately clear why Pawlowski was arrested.

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