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Edmonton, Alberta – Edmonton Police Service employees are looking forward to moving into the new Northwest Campus facility and better serving the citizens in our growing city.

“The new Northwest Campus gives us more opportunities to improve public and officer safety,” says EPS Chief Dale McFee. “While we can respond more effectively to crime in northwest Edmonton, we can also give our newest officers additional opportunities to train in an integrated community policing environment. By combining our business areas, from training to the frontline, we can create new synergies between staff and have a more comprehensive approach to the service we provide to the public.”

Northwest Campus was purpose-built for the operational needs of policing and the well-being of the essential employees who will be working in the facility around the clock.

The facility’s design is based on a hub model with shared amenities to optimize building space, reduce costs, and allow for future expansion if required. The use of natural light, energy-efficient technology, and recycled materials throughout the building also meets the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver standard required by the City of Edmonton.

EPS Northwest Campus facility
(EPS) EPS Northwest Campus facility

Several key EPS business areas and over 250 employees will now be located on one site: Northwest Division Police Station; Recruit Training; Professional Development; and Detainee Care.

The move to the new campus facility is crucial, as existing facilities no longer provide adequate functionality or space, need significant upgrades, or are at the end of their lease or lifespan.

Since 2005, EPS has used a former Canadian Armed Forces building in Griesbach as a training facility. While the older building served its purpose, the new facility at Northwest Campus will be a vast improvement as it brings together Recruit Training and Professional Development under one roof, and improves the police service’s ability to deliver training to its membership.

The Detainee Care facility has also seen significant upgrades over the previous location. Designed for increased safety and security, the open layout and additional holding cells will help prevent overcrowding (especially during the pandemic), and enhanced monitoring systems will ensure individuals are provided with a greater level of care while in custody.

EPS Northwest Campus facility
(EPS) EPS Northwest Campus facility

The new Northwest Division Police Station will anchor the campus to the community, and has been eagerly awaited by police officers and citizens since the creation of this sixth division. During this time, Northwest Division officers have been temporarily working out of leased spaces until construction of their new station could be completed.

With the construction completed and the move to the new facility underway, the Northwest Division Police Station will open on March 1, 2021, without interruption of service to the community. The public will also be able to access the new front counter at the station for in-person reporting.

Northwest Campus is located at 18440 – 127 Street NW in the Goodridge Corners neighbourhood. The total project budget is $119 million and includes the exterior sculpture “Agent Crystalline” by Marc Fornes as part of Edmonton’s Percent for Public Art program.

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