Ezra Levant fined $3,000 for book critical of Trudeau Liberals

Rebel News founder Ezra Levant was fined $3,000 by the Elections Commissioner over a 2019 book critical of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet. 

In the letter sent to Levant following the conviction, the Commissioner referenced the book title as a reason behind the charge. 

The book in question “The Libranos: What the Media Won’t Tell you About Justin Trudeau’s Corruption” was written prior to the 2019 election and details the various scandals and corruption charges the ruling government has faced since taking power. 

“…the book title’s reference to ‘Libranos’, which was clearly designed to create an association between the name of a registered party and The Sopranos, a mafia-themed television show, and to link the party to corruption,” the ruling states.  

“The advertising message also contained an edited version of a graphic used to promote the show; drawings of the show’s characters were replaced with drawings of the leader and other public figures of the party,” the Commissioner continues. 

Last year, Levant was grilled by two former RCMP officers Tim Mackin and Paul Couture over the book.  

A secret recording of the incident shows the two investigators refusing to provide details about who filed the complaint against Levant. 

According to the Elections Act, books are exempt from sections 352 and 353. 

“For greater certainty, [the Act] does not include … the distribution of a book, or the promotion of the sale of a book, for no less than its commercial value, if the book was planned to be made available to the public regardless of whether there was to be an election,” states the Canada Elections Act.

Despite this exemption, the Elections Commissioner still found that Levant had broken the Act. 

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