Factories in the Diocese of Gaspé in financial difficulty

Factories in the diocese of Gaspé lost up to 80% of their income at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several of the 64 factories located in 11 sectors of the Gaspé and the Islands are currently in financial difficulty, to such an extent that a regrouping will be started quickly while the closings of churches are not ruled out.

According to the bursar of the diocese of Gaspé, the factories usually count on income of $ 450,000 per month. Léon Boulet says the arrival of COVID-19 has had a significant economic impact.

In addition to church closures, government restrictions to date are the reasons for this large deficit.

The factories still have access to government assistance to avoid the worst, such as the Canadian emergency benefit.

Léon Boulet says COVID-19 will force factories to regroup faster than expected to face their economic challenge. The diocese planned to merge the 64 factories into 11 entities within 5 years:

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