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Ford government considering allowing weed cafes in Ontario

Cannabis loungers or weed cafes are potentially going to be opening up in Ontario as the province continues to push for an open cannabis market, according to City News Toronto.

The Ford government says that its ultimate goal is for an open market approach to cannabis. For now, however, the PCs say a supply shortage forced the government to start off using a lottery system for limited retail licences. There are no expected changes to the cannabis framework at this time, however the Progressive Conservatives said that the most recent consultation is to understand potential decisions to create an open market in the future.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has confirmed that it has already received more than 700 applications for retail operator licences which has prompted the provincial government to consider the possibility of “consumption venues” in addition to permits for special occasions such as concerts or outdoor festivals.

Ontario is dedicated to giving the private sector the freedom to build a safe and convenient retail system said Attorney General Doug Downey in a press release. This is an attempt to hopefully combat the illegal market.

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