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Former Victorian cop announces run for Senate with Liberal Democrats

Ex-Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell quit the force after scenes of officers hitting protesters with their rifles and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd

Ex-Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell has announced that she will run for Federal Senate with the Liberal Democrats.

Ms Mitchell spectacularly quit the Victorian Police during a viral video interview.

After serving for 16 years, Ms Mitchell was deeply concerned about what she had seen happen to Victoria Police during Covid, including the enforcement of Daniel Andrews’ pandemic orders. Her resignation came days after some of the most violent footage emerged, which included officers hitting protesters with their rifles and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd.

Victorian Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick has also made a statement that he intends to run for Federal Senate at the next election.

Mr Limbrick, who has been at the forefront of the Freedom movement in Victoria opposing the state’s increasing pandemic powers, will run alongside Krystle Mitchell and Caroline White.

Candidates are quickly filling the ranks of the Liberal Democrat party, with political commentator Damian Coory from The Other Side joining the Queensland team for the Brisbane seat of Ryan alongside Campbell Newman.


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