François Legault commits to the daycare issue in Gaspé

PQ MP Méganne Perry Melançon. (photo: Gilles Philibert)

François Legault is committed to dealing with the lack of child care spaces in Gaspé.

This statement by the Prime Minister follows an intervention by the Member of Parliament for Gaspé, Méganne Perry Mélançon, during the Parliamentary Committee on Relations with the Citizens which was held Thursday in Quebec.

The MP explained to François Legault that the situation in Gaspé, with 185 names on a daycare waiting list, was dramatic for parents. She says it jeopardized their careers as they have to stay at home because they don’t have a daycare space.

The Prime Minister admits that there is a shortage in childcare centers, but with the opening of 4-year-old kindergartens, this would help improve the situation.

The member for Gaspé intervened again, specifying that there are not only 4-year-old children in daycare centers and that kindergarten will not settle a waiting list of 185 names.

Méganne Perry Mélançon asked the Prime Minister to take the matter in hand by mentioning that the situation was detrimental to the economic development of Gaspé.

A first telephone meeting was scheduled with François Legault’s executive assistant today.

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