Gesgapegiag Man Barricades Himself in residence

In the morning hours on Sunday, Police of Gesgapegiag closed off section of Gasgusi Lane following domestic dispute after man Barricades himself in his residence.  Gesgapegiag Police put out a public notice to the community and evacuated residents in and around the location of the incident.

Police of Gesgapegiag along with the cooperation of SQ could be seen securing the scene and blocking off traffic on both sides of the street as they waited for the tactical units to arrive.

Gesgapegiag Police & SQ
Gesgapegiag Police & SQ blocked of Gasgusi Lane after man barricades self in Home


After a lengthy standoff with the suspect & Law enforcement, the tactical unit had the suspect in custody and no one was harmed during the apprehension .  Barricades have been removed.

Behind the Scenes:

Police can be seen taking bathroom break amid situation


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