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Get a vaccine or you’re not a good person: Long-term care home CEO

Rebel News has obtained an internal email from the CEO of Revera, which operates over 20 long term care and retirement homes in the Greater Toronto Area, imploring its employees to get the COVID vaccine.

“Do the right thing and get your vaccine… it’s time for you to do [the] right thing,” writes president and CEO Tom Wellner.

Wellner continues, “It’s time to stop listening to the myths and conspiracies on social media. The time to wait and see is over.”

The email links to a video from Rivera’s chief medical officer, Dr. Rhonda Collins. Collins advice instructs employees to get the first vaccine available to them, citing the often-used tagline “the best vaccine you can get is the first one.”

Collins goes on to compare the inherent risks of driving a car versus getting a vaccine, arguing that the benefits of the COVID vaccine highly outweigh the risks.

Collins skims over possible side effects (including severe ones), spending approximately 40 seconds on this topic, choosing to focus more time on the positive outcomes of vaccination, which include inspiring others and, in general, being a good person.

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