“Get Active and do something good for Yourself!” Breast Cancer Society of Canada announces 30th anniversary of Mother’s Day Walk

In February, the World Health Organization announced breast cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the world. It’s estimated 27,400 Canadians will be diagnosed this year alone. We all know someone affected by breast cancer.

Driven by their vision to end breast cancer, BCSC has funded ground-breaking research in Canada since 1991. The One Billion Steps Challenge, powered by Cleo, supports Canadian breast cancer researchers, who are developing new diagnostic tools and personalized, targeted treatments to improve the lives of breast cancer patients. The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is delighted that Cleo is once again the presenting sponsor of the One Billion Steps Challenge and for 2021, BCSC welcomes Callia Flowers – their new exclusive partner for sending floral gifts. Other 2021 partners include The Weather Network, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd., Cuisinart Canada, and Windspeaker Media.

Throughout May, BCSC invites Canadians to walk, run, hike, dance, or hit a virtual class to help collectively reach the One Billion Steps goal, in support of life-saving breast cancer research. The weather is getting warmer, and more than ever, getting outdoors and walking proves to be great for your physical and mental well-being.

“This May, we are challenging Canadians to get active and do something good for themselves, while also doing something to support life-saving breast cancer research. Whether it’s walking your dog, hiking, or going on a physically distanced run, it is easy to participate. Together we will reach our One Billion Steps Goal!” 

Kimberly Carson (CEO of Breast Cancer Society of Canada).

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit One Billion Steps at

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