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Global News cameraman allegedly attacks Keean Bexte at Ottawa press scrum

A Global News cameraman is alleged to have attacked independent reporter Keean Bexte near a press scrum in Ottawa, according to a series of tweets by Bexte.

Bexte stated that he was attacked by Luigi Della Penta, “cameraman/editor” for Global News, who appears as a “Technical Producer/Senior ENG camera at Global Television” on a LinkedIn page under the same name.

On Twitter, Bexte said the man “quickly became triggered that I was asking unapproved questions while being unmasked (outside). The footage cuts out after he steals and breaks the gimbal on the camera.”

Bexte sought help from Twitter to identify the man, whom he alleges was “triggered that [he] wasn’t wearing a mask.” Rebel News was not able to independently verify the identity of the man pictured.

Bexte is an independent reporter for He previously worked at Rebel News.

Rebel News has reached out to Global News for comment and will update this article with a response.

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