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Highlights from yesterday’s livestream of police raid on GraceLife Church

RCMP officers acting on behalf of the Alberta Health Services enforced a shut down on GraceLife Church near Edmonton, Alberta yesterday morning. In a scene somewhat reminiscent of the Toronto Police Service’s closure of Adamson Barbecue, the church was surrounded by officers, fenced off, and occupied.

Upon receiving a tip, Alberta-based Rebel reported Sheila Gunn Reid hopped in her car and got to GraceLife as fast as she could. Sheila then joined the Rebel News DAILY Livestream to speak to Ezra Levant while she was live from outside the church.

You can watch the full stream in the video above. Below are some of the highlights from the show.

Cops raid GraceLife Church and set up a command post: Rebel News was live on scene

“Everyone who is participating is a disgrace”: Reactions to GraceLife Church shutdown

RCMP officers refuse to identify themselves at GraceLife Church, passerby praises Church of Satan

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