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How to File a Mask Exemption Humans Rights Complaint in Canada through

Every mask law in Canada has a list of exemptions. These exemptions are not technicalities or loopholes — they’re an essential part of the law and any store that refuses to comply with them is breaking the law.

Kicking you out of a store for not wearing a mask is legally the same as kicking you out of a store for being in a wheelchair — it is discrimination and it’s illegal. And in Canada, there are 14 different “human rights commissions” where you can sue stores for violating your rights — and all of them are free. You don’t need a lawyer, and you don’t have to pay to file a complaint. In fact, some human rights commissions even have staff lawyers to help you file a complaint.

We want to help you take a stand to protect your rights. Below are the links to every human rights commission in Canada, with instructions on how to file a mask exemption complaint. We’ve also filled out a sample complaint for each jurisdiction, showing you how to do it.

So fight for your rights!

Please visit and click on your jurisdiction for more information. 

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