Hydro-Québec reopens the door to wind power

The crown corporation confirms that it will launch, in the coming months, calls for private producers of wind or solar energy.

Hydro-Québec’s head of public affairs and media, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, explains that the wind industry has the capacity to quickly carry out new projects, but he remains cautious and does not go so far as to speak of a revival of this industry.

I would rather say that we see that electricity needs will increase over the next few years. So, we have to get electricity to meet demand. And, we think that the wind industry will be called upon to contribute to meet these needs., he says.

The Nicolas-Riou wind farm generates economic spinoffs of a few million dollars each year in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchet

The spokesperson for Hydro-Quebec also said that wind and solar energy could be placed in competition during possible calls for tenders.

A welcome news in Eastern Quebec

The news delighted the players in this industry, including the prefect of MRC de Rivière-du-Loup and President of the Nicolas-Riou Wind Farm Management Corporation, Michel Lagacé.

He says that the Eastern Wind Alliance, which brings together all the municipalities of Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie, has the capacity to quickly launch the vast wind farm project which was recently submitted to the Government of Quebec.

We are talking about 40 million profits per year for 25 years in terms of public partners.

Michel Lagacé, president of the Bas-Saint-Laurent intermunicipal energy board

This new wind project would have a production capacity of 1,200 megawatts, according to Michel Lagacé.

billion dollars in investments “,” text “:” One thing is sure that it could be achieved within the next five years. It is a colossal project. It is more than 2.6 billion dollars of investments “}}” lang = “fr”>We are sure of one thing, which is that it could happen within the next five years. It is a colossal project. That’s more than $ 2.6 billion in investments, he concludes.

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