If the emergencies are quiet, not the hospital floors

Gaspé hospital. Photo: Archives

The Union of Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses and Respiratory Therapists of Eastern Quebec says that the data on the low occupancy of emergencies in the Gaspé do not reflect the reality of what is happening inside the walls of hospitals.

At the start of the week, the site, index santé, indicated that the region’s emergencies had an occupancy rate of around 30% compared to nearly 90% for the average in Quebec.

SIIIEQ President Pier-Luc Bujold explains that the data is misleading and does not take into account the number of people visiting emergencies as well as the measures that are put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is coming limit bed occupancy:

Pier-Luc Bujold also affirms that, if the emergency situation seems calm, this is not the case on the floors of hospitals where the beds are occupied to their maximum:

According to the SIIIEQ, all hospitals in the Gaspé would be affected by the lack of availability of beds to receive patients.

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