Increase in calf births

Right whales are back! Photo: Archives

Sightings of newborn right whales have multiplied in Florida in recent weeks.

The American Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency has identified its 14e calf since the start of the birthing season.

In recent years, the low birth rate and high mortality had afflicted the endangered species, which has fewer than 400 individuals according to the latest scientific estimates.

Marie-Ève ​​Muller is editor-in-chief of the Baleines en direct website and communications manager for the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals, GREMM.

She shows moderate enthusiasm for these numbers:

Among the factors that could have led to this increase in births, she mentions the protective measures that have been taken and which could have contributed to reducing the stress level of the animals:

The US agency estimates that only 94 females of reproductive age remain.

Right whales give birth between December and the end of March in the southeastern United States.

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