It’s rainy season; Homeowners, are you Prepared? 8 Ways to prepare for the Rainy Season

April showers bring May flowers. Well, at least that is what they say.

The rainy season is upon us, and homeowners need to be prepared for those sudden storms that we will encounter. Heavy rain and damaging winds can cause havoc on your homes. It could be basement flooding or loss of electricity, the result is inconvenient and sometimes costly. 

Here are 8 ways that you can prepare yourself for the rainy season, and you can visit Reliance Home Comfort if you have any questions about protection plans for your home.

Let there be light: 
Make sure you have a supply of flashlights, lanterns, and batteries stored in a place that’s easily accessible; you don’t want to be searching for these items when the lights are out.

Power up: 
Keep a few power banks handy or a solar power phone charger so you can stay connected in an emergency. You can find these at a local hardware store,

Unplug your electronics: 
When the power goes out, unplug and switch off sensitive electronics. Did you know that the electrical grid may become unstable as utility companies work to restore power? Leave on a light so you’ll know when the system is back up.

Stock your pantry: 
Have items ready that are easy & quick to prepare. Canada, remember the Northeast blackout of 2003.  When you are stocking up think: canned goods, granola bars, nuts and dried fruits, shelf-stable milk and cereal. And keep something extra for family pets!

Emergency water: 
Store bottled water in case of an emergency.

Don’t forget the garage: 
Do you know how to open your automatic garage door manually? When the power fails, your automatic garage won’t work. Make sure you know how to open it manually and keep your car’s gas tank at least half full but stay off the roads if possible.

Stay warm: 
Keep an adequate supply of blankets and sleeping bags accessible.

Generators to the rescue: 
Staying safe, warm, and connected during a power outage doesn’t have to be an issue with a home standby generator. It turns on automatically when the power goes out, stays on for the duration of the outage, and shuts off automatically when it’s over. It is time to invest in a good generator.

Be prepared, stay safe, and happy rain season!

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