Jonatan Julien defends his decision for Gaspé Énergie

The Minister of Natural Resources affirms that the regulations surrounding the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons are there to be respected.

Jonatan Julien thus defends his decision not to have granted an authorization to Gaspé Énergie, last October, to drill a well on its Galt site near Gaspé.

According to him, the request contravenes article 23 of the regulation on the exploration activities of hydrocarbons in terrestrial environment which prohibits any drilling within 1000 meters of a watercourse.

It is on this aspect that Gaspé Énergie initiated a legal process against the ministry in order to contest this article of the regulations.

Without wanting to comment on the file that is before the Court of Quebec, the Minister affirmed, before the hearings, that Quebec has regulations on exploration and exploitation which supervise oil companies in their activities and ensure the safety of people, property and environmental protection and that it intends to ensure that it is respected.

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