Just Say NO! Chris Sky and Kerry Lee Crawford – Accidental Intentions 03/26/21

The energy in the studio was electric when two powerhouses Chris Sky and Kerry Lee Crawford finally had a chance to meet on Friday, March 26th, 2021.

Kerry Lee Crawford, who has been speaking out against tyranny, disruption and freedom infringements for over 10 years. He found creative ways to do so at G98.7, but since the pandemic, Kerry Lee has really taken it to another level, now even more so with his newest show on Accidental Intentions. Chris came to sit down with Kerry on his show last Friday, and between the both of them, the information delivered was worth its weight in gold.

There has been much said about Chris Sky, some great, some not to great depending on who is talking about him.

Chris Saccocia (aka Chris Sky) became part of the movement for freedom when he saw the supposed two weeks of lock down become two months of lockdown. Then he witnessed businesses closing down all around him, and this really perplexed him. As a Canadian citizen, he knows that businesses, especially small to medium businesses are what keep the Canadian economy thriving. 97% of all businesses in Canada are small businesses. 70% of all Canada’s jobs come from small businesses, and we have all witnessed the disastrous affects of this pandemic. Chris would no longer stand for it.

Since then he has been speaking out, been involved in numerous demonstrations, and creates content to show Canadians how easy it is to enforce the rights that have been given to them

“I am giving people knowledge of their rights. People in Canada are all superheroes because they have rights; rights that people have fought and died for. I do what I do not to be an agitator, not to show off, not to break laws, but to show Canadians that you have rights and your rights need to be asserted, and respected or they will be taken away from you.

When they are taken away, then you are going to have to fight for them. People make me out to be a bad guy because I want to tell people this.”

Why would people make him out to be a bad guy? Well, you are going to have to watch the rest of the interview for that. Get your pens and papers ready, because this episode of Accidental Intentions will be one for the books.

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