Landfill needs to be reduced – Radio-Gaspésie

The population of the MRC de la Côte-de-Gaspé will have to do more to reduce the landfilling of certain materials instead of the technical landfill (LET) of Gaspé.

According to the director of the Intermunicipal board for the treatment of residual materials of Gaspésie, Nathalie Drapeau, the objective set for greater citizen participation has not been reached. For example, only 50% of residents use the brown bin while in the 1time year of service it was over 70%. This is why it is possible to do better:

In the coming weeks, communications will be sent to businesses, industries and institutions to raise their awareness, knowing that they represent 25% to 30% of residual materials generated in the territory:

Nathalie Drapeau says that landfilling costs about twice as much as recycling and composting. On the other hand, 21% of the materials in the waste bin are real waste and the other 79% can be recycled, composted or recovered.

This is why an effort is required to reduce landfill costs, which are very expensive:

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