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Lauren Boebert cites Canada as example of out of control gender laws during debate on Equality Act

The U.S. Congress is considering the implementation of a bill, H.R. 5, dubbed the “Equality Act,” that aims to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposed Equality Act will redefine “sex” under federal civil rights laws to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” effectively overriding basic biology. 

As debate over the bill heats up in Congress, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert cited Canada as an example of out of control gender laws.

“Once the left codifies their ideology, they’ll come for your speech,” said Boebert on the House floor during the debate. “It’s already happened in Canada, where you can be fined and imprisoned for misgendering someone and they won’t stop there.”

“Nothing will ever satisfy the left until there is complete and total compliance,” she added. “Madam Speaker, scripture says when speaking of those who have turned their back on God who have traded the truth for a lie professing to be wise, they became fools.” 

“I can think of no better description of the so-called Equality Act or Inequality Act than this,” she said. “The utter foolishness. It’s astounding. Up is down. Wrong is right. Left is right. And boys or girls, and vice-versa. Madam Speaker, for the sake of our sons and daughters, for the sake of parental rights, privacy, decency, and so much more — I urge my college colleagues to vote no on this horrendous legislation.” 

The Wall Street Journal argues that the so-called Equality Act “threatens the existence of women’s prisons, public-school girls’ locker rooms, and women and girls’ sports teams. It would limit freedom of speech, freedom of association, accurate data collection, and scientific inquiry. It would threaten the rights of physicians who doubt the wisdom of performing life-changing, reproduction-limiting procedures, and parents who seek to protect their minor children from such treatment.” 

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