New Brunswick does not plan to reopen its borders this summer

Several residents of neighboring provinces hard hit by the pandemic own a second home in New Brunswick. If they hoped an opening of the borders this summer to take advantage of their chalet, this scenario is not envisaged for the moment by the provincial government.

Parlee Beach in Shediac (archives).

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No, not today, it’s absolutely too early to have a discussion like thatretorted the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, one of the only French-speaking members of the Cabinet.

According to him, New Brunswick’s reaction contributed to its success with this first wave of COVID-19. Luck plays a role, but immediate and severe reactions in the province [jouent elles aussi un rôle], he said.

We need to reopen our economy, but things like vacations, we need to take a break, for the well-being of everyone.

Dominic Cardy, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development

New Brunswick shares borders with Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and the United States.

Opening the borders with the island province was not discussed during the interview, but the Prime Minister Blaine Higgs once said he wouldn’t shut the door on this possibility. Prince Edward Island no longer has active cases lung disease since last Friday.

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Canada’s borders with the United States are under federal jurisdiction, but the minister says he trusts the Trudeau government for the future. When the Prime Minister [Justin Trudeau] says this is something that we need to do carefully, [qui nécessite de] take our time, I completely agree, and that’s an approach we take here too.

Dominic Cardy was first criticized this winter for advocating for action strict public health in schools, a health record which, according to some, did not belong to his ministry. A few months later, he was called a precursor in the fight against the virus by certain media.

I am a globalist, he said. I want to see an open planet (sic). But in this case, the worst thing you can do is pretend there is nothing wrong and just continue as usual.

With information from Karine Godin

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