No charge of the DPCP against the police

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The Directorate of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions will not bring charges against the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec following an intervention that occurred on June 16 in Gaspé where a woman was injured.

The events took place as police arrived at a home following a 911 call. The police then found that a woman and a man were on a balcony on the second floor. The man finally left the scene and the lady then took refuge in the apartment.

The police decided to enter the home. Inside, SQ officers found the woman crouching in the dark rummaging through a purse.

The police then asked her to show her hands and she refused to comply. She then jumped out the window causing injuries to her head.

The woman later mentioned in the BEI’s investigation that she did so to avoid being admitted to hospital for medical treatment.

According to the DPCP, the police intervention and their entry into the home were legal. The evidence also shows that the woman did not want to collaborate and voluntarily jumped out the window.

The DPCP therefore concludes that there was no criminal offense committed by the police.

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