No ice in the Gulf

The absence of ice in the Gulf at the end of January has not resulted in any change so far in the programming of the interventions of the Canadian Coast Guard, which has 4 icebreakers assigned to the Atlantic sector in the Gulf.

The Superintendent of Escorts and Icebreaking Operations at the Coast Guard, Isabelle Pelchat, expects a relatively calm winter given the late ice cover:

Given the low volume of ice, the hovercraft assigned to icebreaking shallow water ports, which is based in the Quebec City region, could be transferred to the Baie des Chaleurs earlier this year.

It specifies that the hovercraft must first ensure that it will not be mobilized for emergency situations, for example for episodes of flooding:

The early icebreaking of New Brunswick ports could technically allow, from an operational standpoint, an opening of the snow crab fishing season from the beginning of April in area 12 for the entire fleet.

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