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Online shows by Manon and Gaétan to fund the Animal Shelter

Unable to hold musical evenings due to current constraints, the Juke box duo turned to online shows in order to raise donations for the Refuge L’Ami des bêtes.

At the start, the idea was simply to reconnect with music and the audience for a few songs. However, people were obviously hungry for entertainment. From the first evening, more than 3,000 people attended the virtual show by Manon and Gaétan. This figure rose to more than 4,300 listeners the following week.

Given the success of these musical evenings, the duo decided to make it a weekly meeting every Friday evening live from the couple’s kitchen. “The first evening, I expected to do three songs but in the end, we sang for three hours. We were then suggested to take the opportunity to collect donations for the Refuge. People’s response was instantaneous and we received more than $ 1,500 from the public last weekend, ”says Manon Parent.

This outpouring of generosity touches the manager of the Refuge straight to the heart. “I thank everyone who gives generously. We know it’s not easy for anyone these days, but every donation means a lot to us. This is where we see the great generosity and solidarity of the people here. ”

© Photo Courtesy Mr. Émile proudly wears a cat cap sold at Refuge L’Ami des bêtes

These donations are more important than ever since the Refuge is 100% self-funded. “Our only sources of income are the evenings we organize and the daycare service. However, for two months, we have been doing neither. Gatherings are prohibited and people no longer travel so there is no need for daycare. “, Says the person in charge of the Refuge. The organization is also not eligible for any emergency assistance since all employees are volunteers.

Musical evenings improvised live from the kitchen of Manon and Gaétan have become a lifeline for Le Refuge. “We have people who give us a big helping hand. I think of Benoît Thibault who gave us $ 600 in gifts. We also have donations from outside the MRC, ”she continues.

Besides, the next evening will be very special since Gaétan Savard will put on his best clothes by taking up the great successes of the Classels. People are therefore invited to attend this show for free next Friday evening via Gaétan Savard’s Facebook page . Prizes will also be drawn during the evening.

In addition, Le Refuge recalls that it is always open for emergencies, adoptions and the sale of various products, including Nutrience brand pet food. Just contact Manon to make an appointment at 418 764-6904. Regarding adoptions, Manon reminds that furry companions are friends for life and that it is necessary to think that they will always need love and attention once confinement is over.


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