Parent’s your children need you; a sit down with Justin Alliman

“Every time I thought I took a loss, God blessed me with something better.” Justin Alliman

Justin Alliman has undeniably become a beacon of hope and motivation for young people across the world. He is a Global Basketball Development Coordinator, successfully runs an international basketball organization called Dream Chaserzzz, and he is also the Mentor Coach for the Raptors 905.

His work keeps him busy, but not to busy that he was not able to sit down with me on Friday, March 26th, 2021 to talk a little more about his experiences, and how he is working with youth and parents during this pandemic.

For years, Justin has stayed true to his vision; helping others who like him is seen as the underdog. Young people come train with him, and are trained and treated like a pro athletes, no matter what level they are at. To Justin, getting better isn’t about training hard; it’s about training with purpose.

With young people still in the forefront of his efforts, Justin is now working on starting the “Live Your Dream Scholarship Fund,” which will provide youth with an opportunity to attend post-secondary or start their own business.  He will be giving away two scholarships to young people ages 17-21. The application process is going to start closer to the end of 2021, and recipients will be awarded in 2022.

When you get a chance to watch the interview, Justin reviews the fact that basketball serves as a tool that helps connect him with people, especially young people. We had a chance to discuss the fact that this pandemic has had detrimental affects on parents and youth alike. His advice to parent was to show them all the attention they need, especially during this time.

We also had a chance to speak about his book “Before my Glory,” and along with the copy that he had brought for me; he also brought one for our GIVEAWAY!

Before my Glory shares the painful story of a young man who has had to face inconceivable trauma, and despite the loss of his parents, his hearing, and his brother, Justin has not only survived, but has thrived.

The GIVEAWAY, question is, what does Justin say after introducing his company Dream Chaserzzz? It is a quote that we laugh at during the interview.

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