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Patty Hajdu budgets $50M for COVID hotels

Trudeau’s Health Minister has budgeted $50 million to provide accommodation at COVID hotels. The news comes just months after federal government staffers openly mocked the idea that such quarantine sites would exist.

Earlier this month, Rebel News reported exclusively on a Canadian Armed Forces staffer mocking Ontario MPP Randy Hillier’s “fever dream” of COVID quarantine sites in an email chain dated from October 2020.

And now, Blacklock’s Reporter has brought to light a briefing note showing Minister Patricia Hajdu’s COVID quarantine budget, compared to an earlier disclosed cost of $37 million:

The program offered free accommodation to international travelers arriving in Canada but deemed unable to immediately go home after cabinet invoked the Quarantine Act last March 26. The cabinet order required air passengers to self-isolate for two weeks.

“Costs included not only physical accommodations such as hotel fees, but also service to support travelers throughout the quarantine period,” wrote staff. “These included contracted services for cleaning, medical transportation from the port of entry to site, security, meals, nursing as well as salary for Government of Canada employees.”

You can read our original October 6, 2020 report on the Request For Information (RFI) on COVID-19 “federal quarantine” housing and “isolation sites” by clicking here.

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