Pilot project to help the deer herd

The Department of Wildlife is waiting to see the results of measures to protect young male deer in the Estrie region before judging whether such measures would be applicable in the Gaspé.

Since 2017, a 5-year pilot project has been in effect in zones 6 north and 6 south. This project aims to protect young males by only allowing the slaughter of males that have at least three points on one side.

With the decline in the deer herd in the Gaspé and rather mixed hunting results, with only 334 deer slaughtered last fall, many are wondering about the measures currently in place. The latter only allow the slaughter of males including the bridles which are the most numerous to fall under the bullets of the hunters.

Biologist at the Ministry of Wildlife, Martin Dorais explains that the deer management plan is only in its first year of application in the Gaspé. In a region like ours, he says he is convinced that it is the winters that have the greatest impact on deer and not the hunting methods.

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