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Police radio: “Arrest anyone with a megaphone or sign” at Toronto rally

In this clip from a recent livestream, Ezra Levant reviewed footage from a Toronto anti-lockdown rally where our cameraman Mocha (@BezirganMocha on Twitter) caught some police radio chatter advising cops to arrest anyone with a megaphone or a sign.

Here’s a bit of what Ezra had to say about the arrest of one woman carrying a sign:

“When you get a parking ticket, that’s a ticket, right? And it’s $50 or $100, whatever it is. You can’t be put in handcuffs for that. You can’t be arrested for that. That’s not a crime. You can’t be thrown in jail for that, you don’t need bail for that. It’s not a crime.

“A cop can give you a parking ticket, but that’s not a crime.

“Why are they physically arresting, handcuffing, manhandling and putting in the back of a police van — a woman who is peacefully holding a sign about communism?

“Peacefully talking about vaccines? You can agree with her or not. I gotta say, they’re kind of proving the point about communism, aren’t they?

“But how is that a violation against whatever laws there are, against gatherings?”

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