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Protesters do not support the Real Wet’suwet’en people

When it Comes to these Protesters across Canada, They are being misled. All 20 first Nations communities, Chiefs, Council , Hereditary Chiefs and community members do support the Pipeline. Yes they have all been working on this for years, Hurdle after hurdle, they have did all the consultations. twice.

Protesters are saying “Consultations are not Consent” , But these protesters at #Wetsuweten do not have the consent from the majority of all the 20 communities, and they do not speak for the Chief, Council, and majority of Hereditary Chiefs in Wet’suwet’en.

These protests are illegal , and that is why the RCMP are getting involved. The RCMP are protecting the real people of Wet’suwet’en , and removing these illegal protesters.

The pipelines have been approved by all Bands up in Wet’suwet’en . these small group of protesters are going against the will of all the FN Communities, against the members of those bands, and against the majority of Hereditary Chiefs

Hereditary Chief Helen Michelle of Skin Tyee Nation, Wet’suwet’en

“A lot of the protestors are not even #Wetsuweten. Our people said go ahead to #CoastalGasLink.” #WetsuwetenStrong #LNGCanada


‘People are afraid to speak up’: Wet’suwet’en member defends her support for pipeline. The #Wetsuweten elected council, along with all other Indigenous communities on the #CoastalGasLink route support this project.

Wet’suwet’en Nation member Vernon Mitchell supports #CoastalGasLink

On some of the local opposition: “They don’t even know squat about our territory and meanwhile they’re putting on roadblocks… they’re hurting my people and my kids.” #WetsuwetenStrong #WetsuwetenSolidarity

Former elected chief of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation and CEO of the First Nations LNG Alliance explains why she wants to see her community come together and support the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Bonnie George, Another Real Wet’suwet’en Nation Member:

“There’s an entity that’s saying they represent all the Wet’suwet’en people. It’s not really so because our people are not being informed.”

“People had a chance to vote, and many of them stood on the side of supporting Coastal GasLink.”

“The courts are turning to the elected band councils for guidance on all of this.”

All 20 Indigenous communities support this project through their democratically elected leaders

Candice from Wet’suwet’en

Meet Candice, another Wet’suwet’en member who is proud of their progress for the pipelines and talking about consultations.

She is a real person from Wet’suwet’en showing here support with all the 20 Officially recognized fn communities that want this for their community and future

Wet’suwet’en Nation member Shirley Wilson:

“I’m here in full support of this project,i’m in full support of my band chiefs, all the band chiefs in the eastern Wet’suwet’en area

Philip Tait Wetsuweten member:

“These [protestors] are stopping me from going in, and they’re not Wet’suwet’en”. And that really hurts.”




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