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Protesters, police gather outside two Toronto COVID hotels

In addition to the weekly gatherings by protesters in downtown Toronto each Saturday, a new regular demonstration has begun taking place outside of one of the city’s quarantine hotels. This week, while the group gathered in opposition to the mandatory COVID quarantine hotels for international travellers, one woman was issued a ticket for trespassing, according to Toronto police.

Rebel reporter David Menzies was previously issued a summons by Toronto police after his efforts to investigate the site.

As Rebel News has reported, the Radisson hotel near Pearson International Airport is being used as a site to detain travellers entering the country in quarantine — contrary to the assertions from a staffer there claiming the building was simply “under construction.”

A fence has now been erected around the hotel, and a heavy police presence now accompanies protesters at their weekly Thursday demonstration.

Now, the group has learned that there is apparently a second hotel in the area operating as a quarantine facility. The Alt Hotel, which is directly linked to Pearson International Airport by train, also seems to be a site where individuals are being held.

Protesters gathered there, urging those being forced into quarantine to simply leave instead of complying, as some travellers — like noted lockdown opponent Chris Sky — have reportedly been doing.

Stay tuned to Rebel News for a full report on the Radisson and Alt hotels by David Menzies.

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