Public service jobs in Gaspésie

The new minister responsible for the region welcomes the transfer of public service jobs from Quebec to the Gaspé as one of the elements for improving its economy.

Jonatan Julien is on tour in the Gaspé for three days to meet elected officials to find out their expectations of him. A first face-to-face meeting that allows priorities to be established for the region.

From the outset, he goes back on his party’s electoral promises to deploy 5,000 public service jobs in the regions in the coming years. Jonatan Julien explains that the pandemic has caused changes in work that will facilitate the transfer of jobs, such as teleworking.

Regarding the Gaspé Énergies case, the company is contesting the Minister’s decision to refuse to grant a drilling permit at the Galt site near Gaspé before the Court of Quebec. Jonatan Julien based himself on article 23 of the regulation which prohibits any drilling within 1000 meters of a watercourse. The latter did not want to advance on the possibility of appealing the judgment if it was in favor of the company. He said he was confident of winning his case.

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